IT Maintenance

Mentenanță IT

Hardware and software maintenance consists of frequent checking of IT equipment in order to prevent them from malfunctioning, as well as with the purpose of repairing the detected faults.

Considering that in 80% of the cases the equipment is damaged because they are not checked periodically, it is important to specify that the life of an equipment could be extended by a minimum of 1 year under the conditions of a proper IT maintenance.

Our specialists provide both preventive and corrective maintenance.

  • Preventive IT maintenance consists of regular visits to the client’s premises, followed by general reviews of the IT equipment, based on the review plan agreed by the client. The purpose of these reviews is to prevent possible malfunctions.
  • The corrective IT maintenance involves interventions with the client’s premises as a result of reporting a problem in the operation of the equipment. The response and intervention time are guaranteed.

Through IT hardware maintenance services we ensure:

  • diagnosis and troubleshooting hardware failures
  • installation of new components and checking their compatibility
  • internal dust cleaning of computers to prevent malfunctions
  • installation of peripheral equipment
  • BIOS update and optimization
  • hardware equipment testing

Through the IT software maintenance services we ensure:

  • installation and configuration of any software package – operating systems or applications
  • open source and licensed solutions

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