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Servicii Helpdesk

Due to their development, expansion or modernization, more and more companies are facing technical problems that are intensifying and tend to become more complex and get out of hand. Most of the time, the users do not know how to manage all these problems effectively and they spend a lot of time trying to find solutions for situations that do not fall within their competence.

Trident Servicii și Mentenanță responds to these problems with appropriate solutions, which allow clients to manage effectively their activity and avoid disrupting the work rhythm: software installations, equipment configurations, email account settings, etc.


  • Strict monitoring of the Service Level Agreement
  • Online assistance and intervention services (restoration of the service in case of emergency, technical assistance and guidance, operational assistance, technical documentation)
  • Single point of contact
  • Real-time interaction
  • Updated database
  • Flexibility and quick adaptation to clients’ needs

In order to provide complete support and to guarantee a quick and efficient intervention, our helpdesk service works in three directions:

  • Helpdesk Telefonica – aims to identify the situation and represents the first step in solving the problem remotely. Thus, the user gets the information necessary to resolve the incident.
  • Helpdesk Remote – involves connecting to the users’ workstations or remote centralized servers in order to fix the reported problems. The user can observe in real time, on his own monitor, the way to solve the reported incident, being able to accumulate knowledge and to react in a similar situation. This connection is made using a fully secured VPN connection.
  • OnSite Helpdesk – involves moving the Trident specialists to the client’s premises in order to resolve the complaint. In this case, the service is provided according to a SLA (Service Level Agreement), within a maximum term agreed in the contract, depending on the type of referral.

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