IT&C installation and infrastructure works

Combining its experience in the field of data, digital voice and radio networks, Trident Servicii și Mentenanță specialists provide the best solutions to provide voice and data communications, radio and wire, with minimal installation and operating costs.

We perform the following types of works:

  • fiber optic, aerial or underground drainage routes
  • single-mode and multi-mode fiber optic junctions
  • turnkey solutions for telecommunications networks, telephone cables, indoor/outdoor works
  • installation of optical distributors and cable connections in the field
  • structured wiring
  • LAN / WAN networks
  • LAN / WAN communications (Ethernet, ATM, SDH, Frame Relay)
  • complex solutions for IP networks (VoIP, QoS, NAT, dynamic routing, multicast)
  • design, implementation of high-speed optical networks and WLANs (IEEE 802.11 a / b / g)
  • design, configuration, installation of computer centers, command and control, SCIF type enclosures, electromagnetic compatibility
  • design, installation, configuration of complex UNIX / Microsoft architectures, clustering, load balancing / sharing, caching
  • complex digital telephony solutions (PABX, Call Center, Voice Logging, CTI)

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