Ethics and compliance

Our success also depends on the adherence to good business practices and anti-corruption policy.

The highest standards of integrity and compliance in business

With Trident Servicii si Mentenanta, acting with integrity means more than complying with national and international laws and regulations. When it comes to the company’s business relations, we attach equal importance to the quality of the provided solutions, as well as to the highest standards of integrity and compliance, as key elements of our strategy.

We have developed and implemented a program to prevent, identify and resolve any suspicions of integrity rules violation, to which all Trident Servicii si Mentenanta employees contribute, being encouraged by the company’s management to identify and report possible breaches.

Our reputation is an important resource and it is vital to protect it. The credibility of our company, as well as the trust of customers, suppliers, partners and the public are significantly influenced by the honest attitude of the company and of each employee.

Conduct and ethics

The Code of Business Conduct and Ethics sets out the company’s integrity expectations of its employees and of third parties acting on behalf of the company.

Anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy

Trident Servicii si Mentenanta prohibits taking / offering bribes in any form, whether direct or indirect, regardless of its value.

Trident Servicii si Mentenanta employees must act in accordance with the highest standards of integrity in all business transactions. Our bylaws reflect the importance of the individual responsibility of each member of our team.

These regulations include a ban on making payments, giving gifts, sponsorships and charitable contributions in order to facilitate a benefit for the company, establishing ethical relationships with suppliers and partners, zero tolerance policy for any involvement in acts with risk of corruption, etc.

Trident Servicii si Mentenanta applies the highest standards of ethical behavior by combating and counteracting bribery in all countries where it implements projects and is certified according to ISO 37001: 2016 (International Anti-Bribery Management System), which confirms the application of the highest standards of integrity.

Reporting integrity incidents

Any notification regarding possible violations of anti-corruption rules can be sent to: All complaints received are carefully investigated and measures are taken in accordance with applicable national law and the company’s internal regulations.


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