Qualified Digital Certificates

Certificate Digitale Calificate

Trident Servicii și Mentenanță offers consultancy in obtaining, installing and using the certificate for electronic signature.

The qualified digital certificate issued by certSIGN, a member of Trident Group of companies, ensures the “virtual identity” of the holder and allows the creation of electronic signature with legal (extended) value, achieving the unequivocal identification based on the certified integrity, authenticity and non-repudiation of electronic messages and documents.

The cost of the digital certificate and the security device necessary to create the electronic signature is 47 Euro, excluding VAT, and provides:

  • Electronic signature of documents
  • Submitting tax returns to ANAF for an unlimited number of companies Participation in electronic auctions posted SICAP (Electronic Public Procurement System)
  • Access to the online services offered by the state institutions

The digital certificate is valid for one year.

In order to be able to electronically sign documents, our clients benefit from a competitive price: 30 Euro without VAT.


ServicesPrice (Euro)
Digital certificate (new/renewal)30 euro/user/year
Alladin eToken Pro 72k cryptographic device30 euro/user/year
Athena cryptographic device17 euro/user/year
Support services for electronic signature (*)3 euro/user/month
Remote IT maintenance services (*)3 euro/workstation/month
On-Call/Remote electronic signature support services (**)20 euro/workstation/user 
Support services for electronic signature at the client’s premises (**)30 euro/workstation/user  

* The price is valid for the subscription “Electronic signature support services”, contracted for a period of 12 months.

** The intervention will be made based on an express request from the client, in written, transmitted by fax: 0241 601507; 0241 602220 or by e-mail: office@utism.ro

* Prices do not include VAT.

In accordance with the legal provisions in force, qualified digital certificates can be used in relation with:

  • State institutions – National Agency for Tax Administration (ANAF), National Health Insurance House (CNAS), Territorial Labor Inspectorate (ITM), National Trade Register Office (ONRC), Official Monitor, Central Depository, National Securities Commission (CNVM) etc.
  • Contracting authorities within the Electronic Public Procurement System (SICAP) – for the electronic signature and transmission of the documents requested by them etc.
  • Commission for the Supervision of the Private Pension System (CSSP) – for the transmission of reports
  • Business partners – for electronic transmission of correspondence with legal implications (contracts, documents with legal value, etc.)
  • Company departments – for sending correspondence with legal value and implementing document flows.


  • Using a single certificate to sign an unlimited number of documents (regardless of their type), for a period of one year
  • Speed ​​and ease in signing documents – directly on the computer and sending them by e-mail or in a document stream
  • Certain and unequivocal identification of the parties involved in a transaction
  • Guaranty of the existence of a certain document at a certain time, in a certain form, by using the timestamp
  • Issuing of certificates under maximum security conditions, in compliance with the legal provisions


  • Cost reduction by completely eliminating the expense of handling paper documents (printing, sending, processing etc.) – an electronically signed document has the same (legal) value as had-written signature on a paper document
  • Efficiency of the business processes for companies and their partners – fast communication, anywhere and anytime, legally and safely, eliminating inefficient time and human resources consumption
  • Coverage in case of litigation – according to the laws in force, the electronic signature is legally-binding. Therefore, if the respective organization goes to the court and the authenticity of the documents is challenged, the validity of the used electronic signature is easy to prove and cannot be challenged.
  • Non-repudiation, integrity and confidentiality – the organization’s data will reach where is needed, with the guarantee that it has not been viewed or altered by unauthorized persons.

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