Security Systems

Sisteme de securitate

The security systems offered by Trident Servicii și Mentenanță combine the technical, procedural and human resources to provide the company’s clients with very important benefits: increased safety through the installation of high-performance equipment, loss reduction, minimum operating costs.

Integrated security systems

  • Security system management – a powerful software platform for managing a security system efficiently and in an integrated manner
  • Turnkey, integrated security solutions
  • Integration of perimeter protection, intrusion detection, closed circuit television (CCTV), access control, fire detection and IT&C subsystems in a unitary security system

Perimeter detection systems

  • Perimeter detection systems mounted on the fence
  • Sensitive fiber optic technology
  • Taut Wire Technology
  • Infrared and microwave barriers, PIR motion detectors and microwaves
  • Accurate detection of the area where an unauthorized intrusion is attempted, correlated with video surveillance and data transmission to the Command and Control Center
  • Additional protection in coastal areas or loading/unloading of goods

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems

  • High-resolution mobile and fixed video cameras for real-time, day/night monitoring of critical areas, vehicle and people traffic
  • Matrix and IP video management systems
  • Dedicated IP networks with a high transfer rate
  • Analog and network video recorders for image storage

Intrusion detection systems

  • High-performance and customized systems based on proprietary equipment 
  • Detection of intrusion attempts within security areas
  • Detection of sabotage actions
  • Transmission to the sMs software of alarming and sabotage signals, offering the operators the control and possibility to activate/deactivate the security zones and the possibility to confirm the alarming signals received

Detection systems for ships, boats and divers

  • Collaboration with the authorities to provide images taken by the video cameras
  • Radar detection
  • Long-range fixed and mobile video cameras with (day/night, IR and laser projectors), thermal cameras

Builing access control systems 

  • Access control systems for people and vehicles using proprietary equipment (KGuard), turnstiles and car barriers
  • Automatic license plate recognition
  • CBRNE and metal detection
  • X-ray scanning

Security dispatch

  • Integration of perimeter protection and IT&C systems
  • Coordination and control of the protection and security activities

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