Oil Terminal

Oil Terminal Constanța is the largest port operator with the Black Sea, specialized in the transport of crude oil, liquid petroleum and petrochemical products and other products, as well as raw materials for import/export and transit.

In order to secure and supervise the areas in which the company operates, Trident Servicii și Mentenanță has designed and implemented a modern TVCI matrix systems, with over 120 fixed and mobile, PTZ and speed dome cameras.

Also, our specialists installed outdoor and anti-explosive, day/night and high-resolution video cameras. The equipment was integrated into a local dispatch in order to monitor efficiently the activities of the port operator.

In order to ensure fast and accurate communications we installed a dedicated fiber optics infrastructure, on air and underground routes.


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Border police

Trident Servicii și Mentenanță implemented a complex project with the Border Police, which aimed at securing the state borders in the Dobrogea area, in the