Romanian Naval Authority

Trident Servicii și Mentenanță has developed the electrical discharge protection installation and the VHF transmission detection system, as part of the project “VHF transmission detection system”, installed at fixed point on the building of the Romanian Naval Authority.

  • Dedicated system for determining the direction of the VHF transmitting frequency band
  • Monitoring the different types of frequencies (distress frequency for civil aviation 121.5 MHz, distress frequency in the military field 243 MHz, other frequencies)
  • Accuracy of up to 2° rms
  • Interface RS-232, Eth LAN type
  • Antenna system that can withstand difficult environmental conditions, especially in the marine environment
  • Overload protection (including protection of the existing equipment on the terrace of the ANR Constanta building)
  • Power supply at 220V, 50 Hz

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Oil Terminal

Oil Terminal Constanța is the largest port operator with the Black Sea, specialized in the transport of crude oil, liquid petroleum and petrochemical products and