Trident Servicii și Mententa gets recertified according to ISO 37001 for the anti-bribery management system

Trident Servicii și Mentenață este recertificată conform ISO 37001 pentru sistemul de management anti-mită

The company was audited for the renewal of the certification governing the anti-corruption management system, first acquired in 2018,  and was recertified in accordance with the ISO 37001 standard by the certification authority of MSECB Canada (formerly PECB).

The audit confirmed the compliance with the requirements of the standard, such as the identification of non-compliances and the implementation of corrective actions, the conduct of frequent internal audits and continuous monitoring, training and awareness programs and the establishment of procedures to prevent acts of corruption.

“We are very proud to have received this recertification and to have strengthened the company’s ethical governance practices. This is yet another achievement that acknowledges our commitment to integrity as a business imperative, proving our concern to ensure that all our activities and initiatives are aligned with the highest international ethical standards.”, said Alina Ane, CEO of Trident SM.


The ISO 37001 anti-bribery management system is designed to help organizations fight corruption, establish a culture of integrity and transparency, and implement appropriate controls to detect unethical behaviors and reduce their incidence.


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