Administration of navigable channels

One of the reference projects implemented by Trident Servicii și Mentenanță for the Waterways Administration is RoRIS – Romanian River Information System, which aimed at increasing the safety of inland water traffic by using RIS systems and complying with the European RIS directive.

Also, this project is in full compliance with one of the objectives of the Sectoral Operational Program – Transport, which implies “modernization and development of the priority axes TEN-T, with the application of the necessary measures for the protection of the environment”. Thus, the system developed by Trident pursued the modernization and development of inland water transport management in the area managed by CN ACN SA.

Another component of the system provided by our company is that of Calamity Abatement, which will cause a significant reduction of the negative effects in case of accidents with impact on the environment.

Last, but not least, the RoRIS project aimed at modernizing and developing the national inland water transport network in order to optimize the activities carried out within CN ACN SA and to promote this mode of transport as a viable alternative, with reduced social and environmental protection costs compared to road transport.

The system implemented by Trident through this project is a technically robust one and has a wide applicability by providing data communications with alternative systems: fiber optics and radiolinks.

Our specialists have also created the telecommunications infrastructure, a line of more than 80 kilometers of fiber optics and installed the related equipment from the Navigation Monitoring Dispatch within the ACN, respectively from the technical node, located in the Agigea building.

The communications infrastructure ensures real time data transmission among all the points of interest of the Danube – Black Sea Canal (locks, inland ports, points of confluence).

The second project implemented by Trident Servicii și Mentenanță for the Waterways Administration concerns the modernization of the waterways quality management system by installing water quality monitoring stations. Our specialists installed 12 stations in order to measure the physic-chemical parameters of the water on the Danube-Black Sea Channel and on the White Gate – Midia Năvodari Channel. Our company also provided fiber optics communications services among the 12 objectives.


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