Trident Servicii și Mentenanță has carried out the video monitoring system of the maritime ship traffic at the entry on the Sulina Channel

Trident Servicii și Mentenanță designed and implemented the video monitoring system of the ships that enter/exit the Sulina Channel, with the Black Sea (Bara Sulina). The beneficiary of the project is the Autonomous Administration of the River Administration of the Lower Galati Danube. Our company won the project after submitting an offer following the advertising announcement published in SEAP by the Autonomous Directorate.

The system transmits day and night images, in real time and simultaneously to the Waterway Section of Sulina and to the headquarters of the Autonomous Administration of the River Administration of the Lower Galati Danube. The recorded images have very good accuracy and are stored for a minimum of 30 days.

In order to obtain the maximum efficiency of the system, it was designed to operate in optimal parameters, without the intervention of an operator, 24/24. The access to its settings and functions is secured and is password-based.

It is necessary to monitor this fairway as this area is used by vessels to cross from the Danube to the Black Sea, and the video images provide a clear record of all the ships and boats.

On the other hand, by implementing the video monitoring system, early obstacles can be discovered that would impede the safe coordination of ship traffic. In the event of accidents on the water, video images can be evidence of non-compliance with the navigation rules.

In order to achieve the data transmission, our specialists have tested and implemented state-of-the-art solutions, which respond to the safety and security needs of the beneficiary of the project and allow data transmission between two localities that are 150 km away, Sulina and Galați, the first one being accessible only on water.


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